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It's possible, you need to click on Gear icon and uncheck Group Schema option

But the problem for me that even in that case all collations will be displayed next to database:

Does it possible to hide all these collations from navigation view?

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Have already tried that, @Michael. Just want to get back to the original view where I only see the database name and tables. 

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Not possible yet. We've notified corresponding developers - they'll try to address in timely fashion.


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https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/DBE-5557 link to corresponding request, it's still not addressed yet, unfortunately.

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The Object Filter would be a perfect place to make this happen. Text there:

A <pattern> or a list of <type>:[-]<pattern> separated by ||. Where:
<type> is a table, view, mview, sequence, routine, package or synonym,
<pattern> is a regular expression; prepend with - (minus) for exclusion.
Examples: table:CUR_.* or table:-OLD_.*||routine:DO.*||view:V_.*

If for <type> we could use `collation` we could have `collation:-*` or something.


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Thanks a lot.

Filtering works perfectly.

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I don't know if this was possible before but im using

PhpStorm 2018.2 - Build #PS-182.3684.42, built on July 26, 2018

There you can click on Filter and deselect Collection

After deselecting Collection, there is no need to uncheck Group Schema. Obviously there is nothing happen anymore anyways. So actually it doesn't matter if it's checked or not :)


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