Can't find Python.h

CLion for some reason can't find Python.h on my include. This gives me a bunch of issues on each file using any of the C Python API and I can't use autocomplete and a lot of the other great features of the IDE. The project compiles just fine so I am not entirely sure what the issue is.


Hi! Have you changed you CMakeLists.txt in order to use Python? How have you done it? Have you added smth similar to the following?

find_package(PythonLibs REQUIRED)
target_link_libraries(_your_target_name_ ${PYTHON_LIBRARIES})

I know this is super old, but 


I don't know what to insert for _your_target_name_. Inserting Python.h does not work, should it be the C:/MyAddress/ ?


Grmcrkrs it should be the name of the target defined in the CMakeLists.txt. Target is an executable or a library to be built using a CMake script  -


I know what each of those words mean, but not when you put them together in that sentence I am not understanding. I followed the link and paid special attention to the library target portion, but it was outlining how to make your own .cpp file into a target or library. I don't know how to transfer the information described in the cmake tutorial to my situation. I have python working in VS code, but I hate VS code. I can't get Python to integrate with my C++ in Clion, and that's because Clion needs the Python.h but I don't know how to inlcude it. Could you be a tad more specific?


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