Real DB Projects?

One thing that has had me in vendor lock-in with Visual Studio is the support for SQL projects. That is, being able to build the entire database and maintain it via organized scripts, then compare it with deployed instances. I was a little disappointed to see DataGrip is more about just executing on live servers and maybe just manually organizing and writing scripts, which is good, but there's no real power to leverage VCS or organize your work in projects and "compare" them with deployed instances.

Is this something that may be coming in the future?


Not sure what pieces you are specifically missing.  I have all my SQL DDL and official DML committed to Git and I use the Git plugin in DataGrip to be able to effectively manage that.  I also frequently select my a table, function, schema, or DB from my local server and the same object on a deployed instance and then use the Diff option to compare them for differences.


One thing I haven't really tried to do is compare the actual data between two databases.  For that, I usually use Postgres foreign data wrappers and just write direct SQL to compare.



As it was mentioned by Daniel, you can install vcs plugin, put your scripts under version control and attach script folder to DataGrip project to Files.

Thank you.


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