GitHub Mirror of adt-tools-base Not Updated Since April 2017

With the release of IntelliJ IDEA 2017.3, the GitHub mirrors of the Community Edition repo and the android module have been updated to include the corresponding "173" branch. However, the adt-tools-base mirror has not been updated: the latest commit is from April 6th, while the latest commit in the source repo (git:// is from September 12th.

Unfortunately, my company firewall blocks SSH connections to ports other than 443, so I am unable to build a version of IntelliJ Community Edition which corresponds to 2017.3. I need to do this in order to update an internal plugin I maintain that has stopped working with the 2017.3 update.

Is the adt-tools-base mirror repo going to be updated soon?


It's unfortunate that the web interface doesn't permit downloading snapshots.;a=snapshot returns 403.


Can the github mirror be updated? I am having issues similar to OP. Plus, the github server is much faster than the intellij one.


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