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In Xcode if you edit a scheme and go under Run > Options there's a checkbox for "Persistent State". In AppCode, in order to have it run tests you have to create an XCTest configuration in order to run all tests. That works just fine, and I can edit that scheme back in Xcode, but if I want to run just one test (or a group of tests) AppCode Basically makes a new configuration to do that run (obviously without this checkbox enabled).

I know for these configurations you can edit the defaults, but I can't figure out where in AppCode can you enable persistent state. Anyone know how to do this?


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There is no UI option but it should be sufficient to add -ApplePersistenceIgnoreState YES to "Program arguments" for default test configuration (e.g. XCTest/Kiwi). Could you try and see if it helps? 

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