Another instance of a randomly slow and hanging IDEA


I know there's multiple issues of this, but they all seem to provide little detail on what's going on.
this is likely because not many of them understand how the featurability of an advanced IDE works, which I'll admit, I'm kindof in that same boat myself.
however, I've been working on my own IDE tailord to another project I'm working on and I want it to function like IDEA (before it had this annoying issue).

I've been a python programmer for some time, but have only recently started using IDEA since 2017.1, but have dealt with freezing when opening the python console there (or just running my program), so I stayed with PyCharm 2016.2 for some time and never had this issue there (though I didn't have the added minor yet extremely useful functionality IDEA 2017.2 with python has).

just to note, with 2017.2, I get a traceback error when trying to open the python console, but it seems to run and debug just fine.
`AssertionError: SRE module mismatch`
(I'm not too worried because I can just use IDLE when I need to test out code)

now the issue I'm referring to is this incessantly annoying hang when simply typing code that randomly prevents any input.
I'm sure you understand the internal model of the code has to update when the code is updated, which is indicated by the little open eye icon at the top right of the editor window.

sometimes when that icon is displayed, I can type just fine, but at other times, it just hangs for an extended period of time (this is quite often btw).

I should note it has messed me up as well, when thinking all inputs were registered in succession, but everything I type appears on my last click rather than the clicks I've made throughout to update

now the project I'm working on has a fair amount of bulk to it which might play a factor with the hang, but that bulk existed with pycharm as well, so it has to do with whatever logic was recently implemented in that model-update area.
(I know I'm specifying a relatively large window between 2016.2 and 2017.2, but I havn't had internet to be able to use more versions to pinpoint the issue more accurately)

I hope that the specification of that icon with the amount of info provided helps clear up what's happening when IDEA just decides to hang for 5 minutes or longer.

for some extended technical information, I'm running Xubuntu 16.04.3 which is x64 only afaik, with Java (jdk) 1.8.0_152

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lol alright, but I hope those thosand words do help, as the picture is always better with a thousand words :D

here ya go:

EDIT: just realized I probably didn't need to include those updater logs...
oh well, better to have them and not need them I guess :P

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Please try the current version from .

See if increasing the heap size helps: (try -Xmx2048m).

In case it still freezes, please provide the thread dump using jstack.

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will do, I'll post back here when and if that happens
and thanks, never would've thought of the heap size, but that makes perfect sense (I'm used to minecraft BS that behaves exactly like that).

I'll post back if I experience anything, thanks again :)

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so it happened again, but I think I've figured out why as well as why I didn't have the issue with PyCharm, and I don't believe you guys can fix it...
so back then I didn't have internet, so there wasn't much need for browsers like chrome other than for local stuff on my LAN...

I only have 4GB of RAM with 32GB of swap, and now that I have a semi-legit internet connection, running chrome is forcing IDEA to run in swap (which I haven't dealt with before aside from my minecraft projects)

so a test I did proved my issue, after closing chrome, I watch my RAM use drop significantly, and when focusing on IDEA, I started typing a bit, and when I typed a new variable, it started hanging.
from that point, I watched my swap drop slowely from 2468 MiB to about 2200 MiB before it started rapidly dropping to around 900MiB before I regained input responsiveness.

so my issue is involving the disconnect between RAM and swap.
my only solution here is to get some larger RAM, and the issue should stop entirely
for now though, I should just try keeping chrome closed :P

thanks again for informing me about the heap size, I think this issue is solved ;)


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