How to update skeletons remote interpreter


I have a few remote interpreters set up. If I update or install a package on these remote interpreter, pycharm fails to notice, so I will have all kinds of (wrong) warnings in the editor.

Is there a button like "update skeleton" to make pycharm update the skeletons for a particular interpreter, or do I have to remove that interpreter and then add it again?


I am using Pycharm 2017.3 Professional Edition on OSX High Sierra


Thank you!


Hi Apolino! The button exists but it's not so easy to find, you need to go to Settings | Project ... | Interpreter | Gear button | More | Interpreter Paths | Reload, here is a screenshot:


Ah, perfect! Thank you very much! :D


Is there any way to do this on IntelliJ with the Python Plugin?


Hi nombreinvicto

There is no such button in IntelliJ IDEA with Python plugin. You could use File | Invalidate Caches /Restart... , but it's not that convenient since it will force re-indexing.


Are you guys planning to make it easier to do that in PyCharm?

I run into this situation pretty frequently (add pip packages in the docker image, which runs my "remote interpreter") and it's a pain to follow the above procedure every time?

Exposing this as an Action would be absolutely amazing. 

Thanks for your time & attention!



@Paul Milovanov

We don't have plans since it's not a frequently reported issue, but Please feel free to submit a corresponding feature request to our issue tracker using the link and let us know if you need any help.


Maybe the fact that it's a paid feature and only users who paid for the software would report it should add some weight? It's especially annoying in Intellij since it doesn't seem to be possible without both tricking Intellij into thinking it needs to update the interpreter, then invalidating the caches.


Hi guys,

Looks like this unobvious feature is completely broken in 2020.1 (Mac OS Catalina). 


Having the same issue as well, because I am pushing my code via `Deployment` and than I am executing a `pip install` from that pushed data. Problem: The changes are not recognized in the remote package, because the data is in cached in `Pycharm` within `.cache`. So now... Everytime when I install or upgrade a python package within the python3 interpreter, I need to **Settings | Project ... | Interpreter | Gear button | More | Interpreter Paths | Reload** or **File | Invalidate Caches /Restart** (which takes 15-30 minutes)?


I agree, this feature would make our lives much, much easier.

I switch the interpreter, then switch back; that does the trick, but it's extremely tedious, repetitive and annoying.


Looks like they've added support! In Keymap there's the following action:

  • Plugins | Python | Rescan Available Python Modules and Packages

Pavel Karateev's solution really solved my problem of Pycharm's annoying false warning. I sometimes got parameter "names" unfilled warning for almost every torch operations, and the "Invalidate Caches /Restart" method doesn't help. But by reload path from the project interpreter page this problem got fixed. 


Found @Shimil 's option to update skeletons: Help - Find Action - "interpreter packages" - Rescan Available Python Modules And Packages 

It works in PyCharm


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