How to setup the ruby interpreter path in Ruby SDK and Gems of WSL in rubymine 2017.3 version.

After I walked through the post (How to add WSL SDK on Windows to Rubymine). 

It worked when Ruby interpreter path was assigned with  system ruby path of WSL in Ruby SDK and Gems.

But after I installed rbenv in root account in WSL and set rbenv global to 2.4.2 version, when I set ruby interpreter path with rbenv global ruby path, it doesn't recognize the rbenv ruby with the following error:

"Could not find gems binaries directory"

Is there any solution for this?



+1 having the same issue on mac, but I don't use rbenv.


Same issue here. Where does RubyMine search for gems binaries directory? How can we redirect it to rbenv?



sorry for the delay. At the moment rbenv and rvm installed in Windows bash aren't supported, please follow the corresponding request:


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