2017.3 Idea plugin: Scanning to index every few seconds (even after indexing has been done)


Just upgraded to use 2017.3 (173.3727.127) from 172.4343.14


The idea instance  is started with the plugins. All was working fine in 172.4343.14. 

But after upgrading, when the Idea instance is started:

1. Scanning to Index

2. And then Indexing is completed


But after that "Scanning to index" is coming every few seconds. It appears and since there is nothing to index, it goes away but it keeps happening.

So during this, if some action is triggered by the user, it says "this action is not available during indexing"

For ex.


Any ideas if this is a new things in 2017.3 or is it a bug?



I am not able to reproduce the problem. If it appears again, I will log an issue and upload the logs.



Hi Serge

I see this problem again. I will log an issue


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