How to execute subprocess from lldb python script


Hi all!

The lldb version, CLion is using, has some strange behaviour when trying to execute a custom script command from lldb console. 

When I try this

(lldb) script subprocess.Popen('open .', shell = True)

the statement just returns with no error and without opening that directory.

What I want to accomplish is to use lldb to perform a script command that can plot vectors or arrays with pyplot. The usual would just show an empty white box. Saving that plot to a file worked fine. But having that file also did not do the trick. My last resort was doing it in the mentioned way with subprocess.Popen. Also I wonder why 

(lldb) script

does not open a python prompt inside the CLion lldb view...

Btw: All seems to work fine, if I use lldb from a shell directly

Could someone help me? Any clues?

Thanks a lot!


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Hi! I've created the issue in our tracker about the first problem - And here is the related issue about the second one - Feel free to comment or upvote. Follow the issues to get updates.


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