Deployment servers and data sources lost after project and directory rename

  • I renamed my project from "foo" to "bar" inside PHPStorm (File ... rename Project ...)
  • I renamed the directory "foo" to "bar" (File -> Refactor -> Rename)

After that, neither data sources nor remote hosts are working. They show up, but I can't connect or even add new ones or copy the old ones.

In "Settings" under "Deployment" I get the loading arrow, but nothing loads.

I already found lots of "foo" in ./foo/.idea/*.xml and changed them to "bar", but nothing changes

P.S. This not only affects the renamed project; I also can't open remote servers and data sources in other projects.

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What IDE version you're using? It would be great if you could archive your .idea folder and upload it somewhere for us to inspect


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