How to set working directory to build directory?


I am using AppCode (for an XCode project). When I open the Project Settings/Build Settings tab, I can see that the "Build Locations/Build Products Path" is set to some internal folder: /Users/ypujante/Library/Caches/AppCode2017.3/DerivedData/MyCocoPlugin-afwmtxaeabjuyeheukrixhapqlxn/Build/Products/Debug


When I create a Configuration to run my code, I want to set the "Working directory" to that folder...  I obviously can copy/paste that value, but is there a $XXX$ variable that would give me this path?

And in general, is it possible to see all the $XXX$ variables that are available within the editor?




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Hi, Yan.

Sorry for the delay! Unfortunately, it hasn't been implemented yet. We have a related feature request in the tracker already: Please comment or upvote and sorry for the inconvenience. 


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