Bad font in plugin sandbox

I can't figure out why my plugin sandbox shows a different font than my day-to-day IntelliJ. When I run my plugin, it opens up IntelliJ IDEA, but with weird fonts. The only difference in configuration is that my working IDEA is using the JetBrains JRE, and the sandboxed one is using an Oracle 1.8_151 JRE. (And that is because I can't get the sandboxed version to run on the built-in JRE, so if you know how that works, let me know also :) ). I checked all the settings in "appearance" and they are identical.

See screenshot below: the green outline is the working IntelliJ, the red outline is the sandboxed IntelliJ. Especially the JBTable looks particularly nasty.

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You can download full SDK version of JetBrains Runtime from here - You should be able to run your plugin with it.

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Thanks Dmitry, with your help I managed to find a way to get it to work.

I switched my own IntelliJ IDEA to Oracle JDK 1.8_151 and I get the same nasty fonts there, so the solution is indeed to run with the JB SDK. What you need to do is:

  • Download the JB SDK from the link above. (Use the link in the top right to find the binaries, and find the one with the highest build number XXXX: jbsdk8u152bXXXX_linux_x64.tar.gz)
  • Unpack it somewhere.
  • Add a new SDK pointing to the directory you just unpacked.
  • Make your IntelliJ Platform SDK use the JB SDK as "Internal Java Platform".
  • Run your plugin. The sandbox will now use the JB SDK as runtime, fixing the fonts (and probably more).


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