plantUML plugin licensing confusion

So there is this cute plugin generates UML code inside IDE, no need for external programs or websites, everything code related is in the code.
However, I am slightly confused on licensing part, here is what I know.

  • for plantUML to work you need to install GraphViz which is under Eclipse Public License (weak copyleft)
  • plantUML on JetBrains site is licensed under Apache License v2 by Eugene Steinberg
  • license note inside plantUML (once you installed and have it running) says its licensed under GNU by Arnoud Roques

So would it be correct to disregard the last point because I installed and agreed to licenses through Intelij and this after installation note does not amount to antyhing? I see the plugin was downloaded almost 500k times so I would assume people don't have issues with licensing

Here is the license note found once it is installed

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We've looked into the case together with our lawyers and it seems we won't be able to say much here on the licensing part as JetBrains is not responsible for third-party plugins. The author of the plugin in question should examine their licensing possibilities and obligations in order to comply with the relevant licenses. Feel free to reach out to the plugin vendor to verify which licenses should be applied. It is their responsibility to apply the licensing conditions of relevant licenses of the software they are using correctly.



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