Directory tree in the Find results window


Is it possible to view the search results grouped in a folder tree? So every folder on every level gets grouped by its parent?

I were trying to click on various view type icons, but, currently, I can get only the files to be grouped by folders of the last level (the folders the files are directly in). The folders themselves do not get grouped by their parents, they do not form a tree structure.

In case I'm going through a lot of search results, I would like to be able to collapse/discard a specific folder with all its subfolders who contain many search matches, but I can only collapse each subfolder independently, and it takes time.

I see that something like this has been suggested more than six years ago ( Is it possible now? Or is there maybe some plug-in that does it?


Hi there,

Some screenshot that would explain the required details (vs what you have got right now) would be more than welcome.

So far (my understanding) it looks like you are talking about this: ...

So if taking my screenshot below, we should see a single root for folder "app" instead of separate nodes for "app", "app/Admin", "app/Admin/Auth" etc...


Yes, exactly!  So that I would be able to collapse all "app\Admin\resources" sub-folders at once. And see easier which results are more related with each other.

If everything is collapsed like this, the structure can be seen all right, but I want to see the results at the same time, and toggling of directory groups is still not possible.

I voted for the issue you pointed to, thanks!


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