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Please advise: sharing settings - best practice.

We are about to get prepared for 10 PyCharm licenses for our pipeline department. Currently, the team is working in Eclipse. 

My vision is to share as many settings as possible - be it UI or code style settings, project sources, VCS roots. I figured that settings can be shared using the Settings Repository. This can be an option, however, doing it the manual way seems to work well too:

At this moment, we're able to maintain a common look and feel as a starting point within multiple PyCharm instances. 

The tricky part is when it comes to projects. Every project has its own .idea folder with project specific information. Our code is Git controlled - basically, we have a hierarchical tree of several Git repos inside one base Git repo (let's call this one base repo) - we would want to use PyCharms Git Integration plugin eventually, and potentially apply a GitFlow workflow.

Let's now assume that we have this base repo loaded as a PyCharm project. There are several things I would like to be able to share between workstations:

  1. Sources
  2. VCS roots
  3. Interpreters
  4. Indexes

I understand that there are files in the .idea folder that can be shared and Git controlled (, however, the structure does not seem to be very clean. 

I'm now curious about what a preferred way would be to share (and sync) as many settings (system and projects) within a team (be it small or large) as possible? 

Thank you very much for your help.

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Duplicate of the support request in Zendesk.


>VCS roots

Could you please clarify, what do you mean by Sources? Project files or Source Roots? Project files could be shared via Git. Source Roots (as well as other project settings) are stored in .idea folder and also can be shared via Git (
Settings Repository plugin lets you share IDE settings via Git:

> Interpreters

Please check

> Indexes

Unfortunately, it's not possible to share indexes.


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