RubyMine cannot find Gem binaries for Docker Compose remote

I have a working docker compose set up. But when trying to use this as my working remote for development (through Preferences, Languages & Framework, Ruby SDK and Gems", New remote.., Docker Compose) after a couple of "Docker Compose Up" notifications, it fails with "Can't create Ruby SDK, Could not find gems binaries directory".

What to do? Is there a way to specify a directory somehow?


I found the solution!!

In my Dockerfile I had:

# Configure an entry point, so we don't need to specify 
# "bundle exec" for each of our commands.
ENTRYPOINT ["bundle", "exec"]

That allowed me to do 

rails server -p 3000 -b ''

to start the server, but broke Rubymine. Now, I removed the entryPoint in my Dockerfile and changed the command for my app to:

command: bundle exec rails server -p 3000 -b ''

..and I am able to add my Docker Compose as a remote!! :D 

@Dfediuk, thanks for your suggestion anyways! However, for me it did not work unfortunately.



Thanks a lot for your investigation, somehow this option influenced on our integration with Docker. So we need also investigate here. But for sure this is a bug, please vote


You could create custom file with the only service named as the target service from original docker-compose.yml and set its entrypoint to an empty list;

Then add after original docker-compose.yml when adding Remote Ruby Interpreter

In this case every run from terminal will be with entrypoint from docker-compose.yml. And Rubymine will be able to run any command in your container.



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