RubyMine not starting?

I just updated my Windows 32-bit RubyMines app to version 2017.3.1 today and found I was having a bit of trouble getting it to open. In fact it wasn't opening at all, not even in the task manager or when I ran it as administrator whereas 2017.2.4 ran just fine.

I clicked the shortcut no less than 15 times, tried the actual application inside /bin/, nothing. I wish I could show you an error message but there's literally nothing showing up. It's working on my 64-bit system just fine, but I just can't get it to open on my 32-bit.

Any suggestions?

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could you please check how it goes with the clean install of RubyMine 2017.3.2 (enabling also checkbox to download 32-bit version JDK during installation)?




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