Typescript inspections sometimes unreliable and/or slow

There are times when TS inspections are slow -- meaning when I fix an error, WS can take several seconds or even longer to clear the error.

Other times, it seems like it never wants to clear the error.  I have to delete the code I just typed, type it again, then WS is satisfied.

Still other times, there are false positives -- WS doesn't report a TS error when it should have.

Has anyone else noticed this?  Is this a WS or TS issue?


@Jeremy no; plus the issues reported by others are not necessary _your_ issue.

please create a support ticket, providing the detailed problem description along with CPU snapshots and your log folder zipped



I too am encountering this issue.  But it happens when someone else on the team has edited the file with VS code.  They are on Windows VS code, I'm on a Mac wit Webstorm 2019.1


Any updates about it? Checking types errors through IDE is still very slow.


Typechecking intellisense is still pretty slow for me too, but I think performance depends on the Typescript Language Service, which I believe is maintained by Microsoft and not Jetbrains. There might not be much for Jetbrains to optimize here :(


That was my original thinking too Nathan. However with for the same project, VSCode (relying on TS Language Service too) is much faster for type updates (display errors, ...) than Webstorm / IntelliJ. So it's the not the Language Service that is slow here. My thinking now, considering the comments, is a slowliness introduced on large projects using Angular, especially when  using HTML templates inside the .ts files.

Though it's hard to find the exact culprit here, so I never took time to open a support ticket. I don't know what to put that could be useful to the devs, expect my "gut feeling".


Neither of your hypothesis explain why the valid code is marked as an error after being edited by VS Code. Hence the slow/unreliable description.


Still in issue for me. Sometimes the parses messes up in the middle of a variable. So for


const someVar = 'blabla';


it might give me a warning that the variabl is not used only for  `some` (which is not correct).


This issue started to appear since the latest update.


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