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Since the release of Swift AppCode hasn't been able to catch up to the swift update progress and since hasn't been really powerful as when writing Objective-C

Also updates with fixes and improvements seems to have been fewer apart and contains less.

Are you focused on this product? Should I cancel my subscription and see if you prioritise this product again?

As it is now I'm back in Xcode :(

Official comment

Hi Mikael.

Could you please give some details on which Swift features are you missing most? We're actually focusing on Swift support in latest AppCode versions and, in future, planning to introduce new refactorings and code generation features (as well as general language support improvements).



I think more of the basics. As it's now it's very slow and code completion works poorly.


Does that happen with latest (2017.3) version? Could you share some snippets with us where problems with completion are reproducible so that we can take a look? There are known issues like OC-13434 which could be causing completion problems (and we're working on this). But you case may be completely different (hard to guess without looking at the code).

We'd really appreciate any help with investigation for performance issues (i.e. slowness), so if you could capture CPU snapshot while reproducing the problem and send it to us (via support mail: or via tracker) - that would be great.


Would be great to have auto generation of init() for classes and structs :)


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