Option to disable console output grouping?

When debugging javascript in webstorm, I find it useful on occasion to console.log values in various places along with breakpoints/stepping. However webstorm's console has this annoying (to me) feature where the console groups output that are the same with a little gray number next to the output that was printed consecutively. I understand the goal is to clean up the console, but I have had several frustrations dealing with this. For example, if the logged values are "Object" then it groups them, even if they are completely different objects and now when you highlight over "Object" you can only view the value of the last printed "Object".

I can work around this by adding a temporary global variable that appends and increments a counter each print so that it doesn't group them, but this is extremely annoying to do.

I suggest that there be a setting in "console" that allows the user to decide whether or not they want the console to group equal console prints or not. Thoughts? Anyone else get annoyed by this? Maybe I'm just too used to using chrome's console (which doesn't do this)? Or maybe the better solution is to consider it a bug that it groups console prints that are the same type but not the same value?


Logged https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-30259 (feature request for an option) and https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-30260 (bug regarding Object merging), please feel free to vote


Same to me. And thank you Aaron for a tip for hack (the counter) to overcome this extremely annoying feature...


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