WebStorm html/template tags case sensitive (for iView Support), e.g. <input /> != <Input />

Hi, I'm currently developing a web app with Typescript and Vuejs using iView (https://www.iviewui.com).

When I define a tag of a iView component, e.g. an Input (https://www.iviewui.com/components/input-en)
<Input v-model="value" placeholder="Enter something..." style="width: 300px"></Input>
Autocompletion / Redirect when CMD+Clicking on the element points to 
(element input { input.color.attrs })
instead of 

Guess iView chose to use the Capital names for some of the standard html elements by design - so I wonder if that can still be solved in some way through configuration or specific type declarations?

Any help or hints would be highly appreciated.


the actual issue is that iview components are not resolved, so the IDE is resolving the tag by name; please follow https://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/WEB-30526 for updates


Amazing, many thanks for putting this together in such short time in such detail!


Tested and already making use of in EAP 2018.1!

Many Thanks again!


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