Plugins + General problems


So I have two computers. One where everything works and another where "nothing" works. The working computer has a fresh install of 2017.3, while the other has been updated from 2016.x to 2017.3.


The issues im experincing in the "2016->2017" setup is that

  1. Syntax highlighting and auto-complete in .vue files are not working
  2. I cannot uninstall certain plugins (Maybe because PHPstorm auto-intsalls them?)

This is what ive done to the non-working setup (Multiple times) without success of resolving the issue:

  1. Remove everything related to phpstorm and jetbrains in %appdata% and HKCU
  2. Re-install Phpstorm 
  3. Made sure that Setttings -> File Types -> Vue isassociated with *.vue 
  4. Download the and manually add it to the plugin repository
  5. Remove the .idea folder in my project


I cannot test to UNINSTALL the VueJS plugin since it seems to be installed automatically.


So.... What to do....






Ok this is strange. I just tried to createa a test.vue file, and... What do you know.. Everyhing works.

I ended up re-creating my files with the exact same content so fix them. So this might be a bug?


Hi there,

1. Vue.js plugin is now bundled with the IDE (as of 2017.3 AFAIK). You should not attempt to update it manually to a newer version.

If you had it installed in previous IDE version (where you had to install it yourself) .. and it still shows an old version in "Settings/Preferences | Plugins" .. then it needs to be manually removed first.

So .. what Vue.js plugin version do you have now?

2. If it works fine in another/newly created file -- try "File | Invalidate Caches..." and restart IDE -- might help (so there will be no need in re-creating the files like you did).



Thanks for the info and the tip :)




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