Frequent hangs even with increased memory


Repost from an addition to a different post, since it seems to be another issue. AppCode frequently hangs with a rainbow wheel. In addition many operations which should be quick take many minutes, such as ^Space for autocompletion. 

  • 2013 Mac Pro
  • 64GB RAM

I increased the RAM footprint quite a bit which made it go from unusable to usable (and after the spin dump increased it to 16GB but still occurs), however it still frequently goes colorful wheel and hangs for a few minutes until it completes whatever it's doing which really kills productivity unfortunately. Examples that have triggered this

  • Help>Search Frequently this will hang
  • Stop debugging If the debugged app crashes AppCode will sometimes spin for some time
  • Right click Saw it just doing a right click in a source code window
  • Random click around the menu structure, frequent
  • Unknown Randomly it will freeze and spin for no apparent reason


On debugging I did try Instrumenting it to see what it was doing but the tool wasn't able to get anything without kdebug_signpost(), but here is a spindump Gist I created while it hung. This occurred by just clicking around the menus.

Related issue: ^Space (auto complete) is a frequent problem where it sits and spins, I'd rather have it preload the symbols for everything ideally on startup. 




Official comment

Hi Dan,

Please report issue in our tracker and include zipped contents of Logs folder (Help | Show Logs in Finder), CPU snapshot at the time of hang (better to have snapshot duration > 30sec). In case you're able to capture several CPU snapshots for the different cases of hangs that you described above - that would be great.

Done, thanks Tatiana. I captured two different hangs in this instance, one on autocompletion and the other on doing a Help>Search. 


I am facing the same problem doing some Querying in a SQL console y do a SPACE and freeze after a while it's responding again but the space is ignore. i am using INtellij IDEA 2018.2.7  built november 28 of 2018.


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