.iml - module-library - PHP: use? removed?

Our .iml (along with most of the .idea folder) is committed to the repo. Since about the previous EAP, a particular section was removed on most machines, but then is re-inserted on some machines.

<orderEntry type="module-library">
<library name="PHP" type="php">

What does this do? Is it needed? Why is it being removed on some machines and not on others?



That's the "Include path" under File | Settings | Languages & Frameworks | PHP by the looks of it.

Unfortunately this change isn't documented anywhere, even internally.


Ok, so that's what I thought it probably was, but those path still exist - why are they being removed? I guess I'll open a ticket.



They might've migrated into another config file. But yeah, creating a ticket is a way to go, thanks!


I can see that these now exist in php.xml as well - I wonder why on some machines it's trying to put this pack. Let me make sure my staff is using the current version.


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