React native debugger - unable to connect with remote debugger

Intelijj Idea Version: 2017.3.2.

React Native Version: 0.51.0.

OS: macOS High Sierra 10.13.1

Platform: Android.

Run/Debug Configuration:


After i try to debug my application "Run" -> "Android", application seems like starting correctly, in "react-native start" tab i get "Metro Bundler ready", "Loading dependency graph, done." and then "Starting custom debugger by executing: : "/Users/dario/workspace/filttr_mobile_hybrid"". However on my phone (i debug on a physical device, since emulator is really slow, i get the error posted above.

In Android tab under "scripts" there is "Not connected to Chrome" and chrome opened with about:blank page and not remote debugger. Actually after i checked "debug js remotely" my app won't start at all. I didn't specify Debug server host & port for device.

When i start my app in the terminal "yarn start-android" and then i try to debug js remotely devtools start like normal, however i want to run debugger in Inteliij to be able to hit breakpoints which is a great feature. I was able to start Inteliij debugger - but not every time, sometimes (randomly) application will show a white screen and not proceed further, or a debugger won't connect at all, or i get an error described above.

If i can provide any more information please comment below. 

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Can you recreate the issue when using the default React Native app created with New | Project... | React Native?

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Sorry for the lack of response. I have killed all java/node.js processes and that seemed to help. It would seem that something did not terminate correctly, because i had no application running in the background. Problem solved itself and it did not occur later.


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