Changing plugin ID with update

We have a plugin named `nl.tudelft.watchdog` which is published to the repository and can be installed by IntelliJ users. For a different change, we need to update the artifactID of our local maven modules. This means that we need to change the artifactID to `nl.tudelft.watchdog.intellij` instead (as we also support Eclipse). However, this also means that the pluginID (as retrieved by `PluginId.findId`) has to be updated.

Our concern is that for existing users, this update will break some stuff. Are there any guidelines for this kind of change? E.g. would existing users have two versions running of the same plugin? Is is possible to update the ID of a plugin after the plugin has been published to the IntelliJ repository?

Thanks in advance for your help!



Unfortunately IDEs identify plugins by their id and that means that existing users of WatchDog plugin would not get notification about new version if it has different id. Also if they install the version with new id then both versions can be activate at the same time.

Could you please clarify why do you need to update pluginID of a plugin? My understanding is that pluginID is a technical information used by JetBrains IDEs only.


Thank you Ivan for your quick reply! You are completely right, my assumption was wrong. I was able to update the <id> as specified in the plugin.xml to the old value. The reason I was confused is that this ID was initially equivalent to the artifactID we specified in the Maven pom.xml. Since they can be simply different, this is all working fine now. Thanks for the pointers!


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