PyCharm freezing entire macOS when indexing



I have the most recent PyCharm professional edition with a 1-year license that I purchased in July.  This problem started this morning.  My PyCharm IDE started indexing and I could hear the fans on my Mac (MacBook Pro Retina 15", Early 2015) while indexing.  When the indexing bar reached about 1/4 complete, all my programs on my Mac would stop working and become unresponsive.  I've restarted my mac 5 times already, and each time I launch PyCharm, the indexing keeps crashing my whole machine.  I also deleted my PyCharm and got a fresh copy, but the problem persists.  


Please resolve.  

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I fixed the issue by excluding all my data directories for my project.  After that, indexing completed fast and my whole system didn't crash.  


Nonetheless, PyCharm failing to indexing should not crash my entire machine.  It should abort and produce an error report indicating some kind of issue.  

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Hi Sdworman! I'm sorry for the inconvenience! Could you please create a ticket in our bug tracker and attach zipped log folder from Help | Show Log in ... and java_error_in_PYCHARM files from your user home directory (if there're any) to it?


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