Unresolved Import References Jython (importing from java jar files)


I'm getting unresolved references on my import statements when I'm importing from Java jar files.  PyCharm 2017.3.  The interpreter for this project is Jython 2.7.1 running inside NoMagic's MagicDraw 18.0.  Is this maybe because PyCharm doesn't fully support integration with Jython?  Should I try IntelliJ IDEA with the Python plugin?

I believe I've set up the interpreter paths correctly.  They look like this:



I switched to IntelliJ IDEA with the Python plug in, and that seemed to fix the problem.


Hi Marc,

Can you provide more details on how you got this working? Thanks



The better solution is not to manage the entire Java classpath via the Project Interpreter mechanism.  It's better to use the Project Settings and Platform Settings mechanism in Project Structure.


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