Replace shortcut no longer shows replace box when find box is already open

If I open Find text in a file tab (Ctrl+F on my Keymap), then hit Ctrl+H (my shortcut to open the Replace box as well) if I decide to replace, instead of showing the replace box, it just shows a text bubble saying "The shortcut was changed. Press Alt+Down to open search history".

If I hit Escape to close the Find box, then hit Ctrl+H, it opens the Find box and the Replace box... this is how things worked in previous versions. The difference is what I explained above, I can't use Ctrl+H while Find is open anymore to open the Replace box, now becoming a major repetitive inconvenience depending on my workflow.



Hi there,

The issue seems to be with Ctrl+H shortcut. It seems that search history (that expand drop-down box and lists the past searches) has few shortcuts hardcoded ... and in your case it conflicts with actual Ctrl+H for "Replace" action. At very least that's the explanation I can give based on what I see using Visual Studio keymap. or related tickets.

No idea on how to make Ctrl+H working for you there. Consider creating new ticket if you cannot assign another shortcut for Replace action.


Well, this must've changed recently because I didn't have this problem in v10.

I'm not sure that ticket references "hardcoded" shortcuts (does that mean unable to be overridden or changed?), it seems like it could just be referencing "pre-set" shortcuts that are modifiable in Settings, which I already modified... see screenshot below:

I'm not seeing what's indicating Ctrl+H behaves differently when the cursor is in the Find text box...


If you choose another keymap (e.g. Default) .. and look what actions have Ctrl+H assigned as shortcut (use that button next to search box) you will see that there is no entry for the search history... but Ctrl+H shortcut still works in Find/Replace. That means that it's hardcoded (you cannot customize it) -- at very least that's my understanding.

In Default keymap Ctrl+H is assigned to Hierarchy action -- no other actions report it.

P.S. v10 was released 2 years ago -- there were 6 full releases made after that. It must have changed since then.


There's no "Default" option showing anywhere, even after I remove the shortcut and try to see what's available or add a new shortcut to it...

If I click the button next to the search box and hit Ctrl+H, it just shows it's only attached to Replace...

Nothing shows anything else Replace or Ctrl+H is attached to, and there's no Default anywhere. I'm using PHPStorm version 2017.3; I don't know why what you're saying isn't matching up with what I'm seeing, maybe you should leave some screenshots showing how what you're describing is what you're seeing.


>If I click the button next to the search box and hit Ctrl+H, it just shows it's only attached to Replace...

That's exactly my point (about hardcoded Ctrl+H shortcut for search history).

>and there's no Default anywhere.

It's there, on your screenshot. You are using "Default copy" keymap. If you choose "Default" in that drop box it will be using "Default" keymap (where Replace uses Ctrl+R shortcut).


I am also having the same problem, PHPStorm 2018.1

It is very annoying.

I am not sure of the relevance of the discussion regarding default keymaps and so forth, but I can confirm that for me, when the find box is open, hitting Ctrl+H results in the tooltip "The shortcut was changed. Press Alt+Down to open search history", and the search box then becomes slightly broken or loses focus (i.e. escape won't close it anymore, alt+ down won't open search history, etc)

This happens regardless of what Ctrl + H is actually mapped to, or even if it is mapped at all.


Vladimir Luchansky

@Ned, there's and it looks like it affects you here.

As for issue originally reported in this thread, I submitted it as - feel free to vote on that.


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