IDEA Ultimate 2017.3.1 annotation processing regression


There has been a regression in Intellij IDEA Ultimate 2017.3.1, the compiler puts the generated source in the wrong directory now, they end up in target/classes instead of the configured directory (target/generated-sources/annotations).  Demo project:

I have to stay on 2017.3 as a result :(.


ah, should probably have searched there first.

might i make a couple of suggestions for search:

  • given that it already includes knowledgebase, community and documentation results, perhaps it should currently open issues as well?
  • can you give sorting options for the results?  in community in particular, it's not helpful to see supposedly relevant results from 5+ years ago.  the community search is often useless because of this.



Yes, we plan to improve the search here, thanks for the suggestions.


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