watches do not always work

please take a look at this screenshot:

you can see that the statement in my code returns an array; but the same statement as a watch returns false when the execution is stopped just below the line..


What if you re-add the watch while being at the same breakpoint, does it get better?

Also, does it happen all the time, and are there any steps to make this happen on our side?


Adding watch after breakpoint is hit does not help.

It happen at that location on every run but does not happen for all watches.

The code is within a calls file with a Drupal website. Not sure how you would be able to replicate without me sending you the entire site (which might be possible). Let me see if i can recreate the issue (code has likely changed since i posted) and i can send you the website if you would like to test yourself.


this came up again so i guess it is consistent and quite bad if watches are not reliable:

and this i added after the BP was hit.

Is it possible that Storm is not able to work correctly with OOP?


Could you please submit the bug attaching the IDE log and Xdebug remote log for the problematic session?


I have figured out the issue. Watches can't have an ; at the end.


Wow that's embarrassing. Thank you for the update.


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