Why are files automatically saved when running or exiting?


Unless I've missed something PC automatically saves files without prompting me for confirmation.

On my home machine I don't have a source control system and I don't need one. Hence, I don't have previous versions of edited files I can roll back to. In every other software product I've ever used, when I exit I'm prompted if I want to save any uncommitted changes. Why doesn't PC do that as well? For example I made some changes I didn't want to keep but PC saved them regardless.

I'll have to work the problem by making a copy of the files first but I shouldn't need to. Is there a configuration setting that lets me decide what to save and what not? I lost a bit of time this afternoon trying to recover original code.

I'm getting a bald spot behind my ear trying to work out why automatic saving rides roughshod over what should be my decision. LOL.

Seriously, why is it?


Here are the help docs about that feature, including how to turn it off.

One thing to point out: PyCharm has a built-in history mechanism called "Local History" which makes it easy to go back in time, even if you aren't using a VCS. It works transparently along editor-transaction boundaries.


Paul, thanks for the heads-up on the local history malarkey. I'll read up about it.


Paul: that local history works a-okay. Adding a label could be very useful to me and reverting back to any previous version of a file was fine. Because I don't use a VCS at home searching the VCS menu for the local history would have been the last place I'd have looked. Like they say, if it was a snake it would have bitten me. LOL...


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