Using default web storm keymab with the normal text edit commands of mac

Hey, I want to use webstorm the default keymap but i also want to copy using command c, paste using command v select all using command a and so on

i dont find any way to edit the default keymap in mac, but all the other keymaps shows! :(

 what am i missing ??


what keymap is chosen in Preferences | Keymap, keymap? In Mac OS X 10.5+ which is the default choice on Mac, Cmd+C is assigned to Copy, Cmd+V - to Paste, Cmd+A - to Select all...


Hey, i am using the default keymap, not the mac osx 10.5+ one


`Default` keymap is for Windows. But, if you prefer using it on OSX, make sure to re-map the actions in the way you like


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