Multiple debugger processes with docker-compose

Hi I have application which runs rails and sidekiq worker processes as a 2 processes as part of server deployment. I configured docker compose file with 2 services in it. but i could not able to start 2 debug modes at once even I condifured separated Ruby remote sdk using docker compose still not able to get it working. It fails with port 26168 is already allocated for other process. is there any way we can specify remote docker debug port while using debug option using docker-compose.

api_web_rails this is my already running debug mode. and I am trying to start debug_workers. which is sidekiq job

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sorry for such late response. This is expected behaviour since RubyMine doesn't support debug for two Docker processes at the same time. I've filed a new issue:

By the way, do you really need to debug both processes at the same time? I.e. is it possible run one process in debug mode and other in normal run?


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