Is there opportunity to debug http request?

Appear problem when I try to debug http response with default Ruby lib Net::HTTP

Example. I have such piece of code

url = URI.parse("") # any http resource

req = Net::HTTP.get_response(url) # the same situation with get method of the Net::HTTP module

p req


I set breakpoint on the second line and try to execute it in the Interactive console and got  "Timeout: evaluation took longer than 10 seconds."

But when I set breakpoint on the third line (or press F8 to make Step Over) I got correct value in req => #<Net::HTTPOK 200 OK readbody=true>

Why such situation appear? In such way I can't debug response in my code. Could you help me?


OS - Ubuntu 16.04 x64

RubyMine version - 2017.2.4

Ruby version - 2.4.2p198

ruby-debug-ide (0.6.1.beta10)


Thank you in advance



I have the same issue with Ruby 2.4. With 1.9 works fine



Just to let other people with the same problem know, there is a corresponding thread on SO with an answer that might help:


It's my post on SO and there is no correct way to fix this issue.

The same actions with ruby 2.2.9 works fine


Sorry for misunderstanding. Could you please specify whether you're evaluating the second line after stopping on it? I didn't get any timeout after stopping and stepping into for example.


The steps to reproduce next: set breakpoint on the second line and execute it (second line) in Interactive console.

With ruby 2.2.9 works fine but with newer got timeout error


Thank you for explanations, I managed to reproduce and submitted it to our tracker. Please follow it:


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