PHPStorm license server on VPN

Every Monday morning I switch to PHPStorm and am kicked out of the program. The reason is that our license server is on the VPN, and I'm not using it over the weekend.  So I get a pop-up box to fill in server details and am kicked off because I don't fill it in.

Can you add an option to retry one last time after the 48 hours instead of setting us up to get kicked out? I can't be the only person with this problem. Thanks.

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That doesn't do it. If I'm right that does away with the point of having a license server. People who work at the organization are able to just use the license server and when they leave, they don't have a license. No need to manage or give out licenses.

So all i'm asking is pretty simple, one more chance through the pop-up message to renew your license, instead of kicking you out of PHPstorm. 


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