View provider for newly generated file

My plugin generates a PsiFile using PsiFileFactory#createFileFromText and I want to use FileViewProvider immediately after. How do I make it generate a psi tree/virtual file? I tried adding the file to some PsiDirectory (temporarily) and then using VirtualFileManager#refreshAndFindFileByUrl, but the file still doesn't seem to have a view provider.

Also, is there a way to get rid of whitespace left by programmatically removing xml tags/attributes via psi?



A PsiFile _is_ a PsiElement.  It's children are the PSI tree that you want to traverse.

If you need a FileViewProvider: `psiFile.getFileViewProvider();`

Look at PsiElement.delete() to remove elements you don't want.


No...PsiFile.getFileViewProvider doesn't work if I do it on the newly made file.

I'm deleting the xml attributes and tags just fine but they leave whitespace where they used to be.



You can create a FileViewProvider the hard way:

new SingleRootFileViewProvider(PsiManager.getInstance(project), 
isPhysical) {
public boolean supportsIncrementalReparse(@NotNull Language rootLanguage) {
return false;


Whitespace is another PSI element just like the XML you are manipulating.  Use PsiElement.getPreviousSibling() and getNextSibling() to determine whether there are extra white spaces that you want to remove.


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