Show project list (like in other IDEs) instead of opening default project on startup


When I start up PHPStorm or IDEA, I get a welcome screen where I can choose which project I'd like to open.

But DataGrip opens the project "default", which is empty in my case, automatically. To open the desired project, I have to click File -> Open Recent -> "My Project", and then close the default project.

That's pretty annoying, but I can't find a way to make DataGrip show a welcome screen with it's projects, too.

How do I accomplish that?


You possibly sorted this out by now, but in case someone else comes looking, per

In preferences you can set "System Settings" to:

Reopen last project on startup Select this checkbox to have DataGrip re-open the last opened project on startup.

Thank you. I've found this option by myself, but I'd rather have a project overview like in PHPStorm.

However, I'm using the JetBrains Toolbox for a while now. So the problem is solved for me in another way.


I realize this is a necro but for future web searches that may find this question, at least since DataGrip version 2019.2.4 (and perhaps earlier versions...), there is now an option in Preferences > Appearance & Behavior > System Settings > Show Welcome screen that you can check and it will give you the list of projects on startup/close.


That's what I've been looking for, thank you!


Now, you just need to uncheck "Reopen projects on startup" under File->Settings->System Settings


Unchecking "Reopen projects on startup" has not the same behavior as before.
It will open the welcome screen at startup but it won't show it at shutdown. If I close a project IntelliJ just exits.

I would like an option to show project selection screen when I close a project.

We have removed the splash screen in the latest DataGrip versions. That's why this option is no longer there.

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