Angular Aliases for paths in tsconfig.json shows red squiggles

I'm on the latest webstorm build along with angular 5.x. My problem is that when I added the baseUrl and paths to my tsconfig.json (not the imports, ng serve, ng build all work but there is now a red squiggle around my angular annotations and they say cannot resolve all parameters for component.

My question is how do I resolve this red squiggle?


Might be caused by Angular language service (see and
Try disabling the service (in Settings | Languages & Frameworks | TypeScript, clear the Angular language service checkbox) - does the problem persist?


Yes this solved my problem thank you!


That solved it, yes. But VS code for example doesn't have that problem. So it seems the Angular language service isn't the problem, or?

Angular language service 6.0.0-rc.0

"baseUrl": "src",
"paths": {
"@app/*": ["app/*"],
"@env/*": ["environments/*"]



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