Create modeless dialog in Intellij IDEA plugin

I want my plugin to keep running in the background when a dialog is shown, so I created a Modeless dialog:

public LogsDialog(@Nullable Project project) {
    super(project, true, IdeModalityType.MODELESS);


My problem is that this way none of the components are rendered inside the dialog. If I switch the IdeModalityType to anything else, it works just fine.

What is causing the problem? Is this even the proper way to make a dialog asynchronous?


What I want to achieve is to have a window with a textPane where the text is being updated every one second from outside the class

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It's better to use super(project, true) and then call setModal(false)

Also you're welcome to try popup instead of dialog, use JBPopupFactory.getInstance().createComponentPopupBuilder() with your textPane. You can setup popupbuilder to prevent auto-closing etc. then call builder.createPopup() and show it where you need.


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