Clear SciView Plot list?


While debugging one of my scripts, I have generated a lot of plots inside SciView. Is there a quick way to clear this list?


Yes. This happens a lot.
You run a test that plots, say, 5 figures about 20 times trying to tweak a parameter.

Get ready foor 100 mouse clicks on those x's...

Please implement this basic functionality...


I'd also like to vote for this feature. I found this thread searching for how I can clear the plots in SciView. I'm surprised there isn't a "clear all" button.


Hi! This feature is already implemented in 2018.1 EAP. I am sorry for the inconvenience!


hello, is there an outlook when this feature will be released into the stable releases?



2018.1 is planned to be released on March, 28


Is there a way to have it clear all plots on a new run?

Failing that, is there a way to do this with a keyboard shortcut?

Failing that, could you at least add "Clear all plots" to the "Find actions..." search?


Because having to right click in a plot and click "Clear all plots" between all runs is extremely tedious. There are some times I wish that PyCharm was just less mouse centric :)



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