How to eclude public/js/app.js file from declaration search ?

In PhpStorm 2017.2.4 working with Laravel 5/vue.js when I want to review declartion of some method,
I can see the source file itself and “public/js/app.js” file, which is actually generated .js file I would like to exlude it
from my search results :

If there is a way to make it? Maybe can I use some my scope for this searech?



Hi there,

AFAIK -- not really -- the Scopes mechanism does not work for references resolving etc. Unless excluding whole folder.

Try right clicking such file and marking it as "Plain Text" -- it will prevent this file from being indexed.


You need to exclude this file from indexing - to do this, either exclude the whole public/js folder by marking it excluded, or add this file to Exclude file: in Preferences | Directories


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