Keyboard issues with right alt and polish keyboard layout


My env: Win10, Intellij 2017.3, Logitech g510s (both alt say 'alt' - no altgr), system lang - us, input method - polish programmers keyboard

In all JetBrains IDEs right alt behaves like ctrl+alt. If I want to use polish letter ż - Ralt+z IDE reads it as ctrl+alt+z and reverts changes. Supper annoying. Almost all polish accented letters are affected and so few other shortcuts that should work with ctrl+alt but work also with Ralt.

I searched a lot because its super annoying but either problems were back from 2008 and resolved or didn't match my case.
I also tried the following (true and false) but it didn't work.


It is not a strictly "polish" way of using keyboard, on the Hungarian keyboard layout the right alt (also known as alt-grey) used for exotic characters, like [ or ] or { or } or & or # more even for < and >, so it is essentially important to be able to type these!
Arseniy Nisnevich

> the desired behaviour (at least for me) would be to be able to type national characters only with the right alt. Left alt should work as it is usually

This is exactly how it is intended to work on Windows and Linux (because this is the general way it works on these OS). On macOS, the special character can be typed with both left and right Opt key.

What OS do you use?


I'm on Mac, but still stuck to my habits taken from Windows ;]

I wouldn't ever try to use left alt to print national character anyway :)


Just in case if anybody haven't got luck with any of the above solutions - in my case this was Windows RDP, which brakes the normal usage of the right  Alt for some reason. After closing all the RDP windows, everything works as expected.


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