Highlighting brackets of javascript

In other languages such as scala, we have https://github.com/JetBrains/intellij-scala/blob/idea173.x/scala/scala-impl/src/org/jetbrains/plugins/scala/lang/lexer/ScalaTokenTypes.java

Do we have something like JsTokenTypes which should have something like

 IElementType tLSQBRACKET = new ScalaElementType("[");
IElementType tRSQBRACKET = new ScalaElementType("]");
IElementType tLBRACE = new ScalaElementType("{");
IElementType tRBRACE = new ScalaElementType("}");
IElementType tLPARENTHESIS = new ScalaElementType("(");
IElementType tRPARENTHESIS = new ScalaElementType(")");
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I already got it, thanks anyway!


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