Use "public" modifier TypeScript issues

I am having trouble with a setting in WebStorm not working and I thought I would ask if I am missing something here before posting a bug.

In settings under Editor > Code Style > TypeScript > Code Generation I have checked the option Use 'public' modifier. If I then save that and go back to a class, hit Ctrl + I to implement missing members (in this case from an interface) select the members I want and hit enter. The methods are then generated without the public modifier.

I have looked through the docs and found which is how I would have expected that setting to work. 

If there is something that I am missing, or this is a known bug, please let me know.

1 comment is fixed in 2018.1.

For now, please, use 'Implement all members' quick fix (available on Alt+Enter) - it works as expected



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