Double click php function variable string not working

Since upgrading to PhpStorm 2017.3.2 Build #PS-173.4127.29 when editing a php file, it no longer allows me to double click a string variable to select the text. 

For example I can't double click the string "cron_date" and have it select the text


But a variable does work


Any thoughts / ideas?


Hi there,

What version did you had before?

If it was older than 2017.3 -- have you updated all your plugins to their latest versions? If it was 2017.3.x -- try "File | Invalidate Caches..." and restart IDE (just in case -- may help)

Try with all custom (not bundled by default) plugins disabled -- any difference?

If still the same -- check the idea.log file -- maybe it will be throwing some exceptions there.


The version I had before was 2017.2.4

I had updated all plugins and removed any that were custom.

I tried to invalidate caches and restart but did not help

No exceptions in the idea.log that I could find

With this version I was also having a lot of trouble with the version constantly updating the indexes, and the weird thing was when it was updating indexes it would do the select but when it was not updating it wouldn't

I uninstalled and reinstalled with no change, the only thing I could do to successfully fix it was to go back to 2017.2.4 which solved both the selection issue and also the overwhelming indexing and cpu flood. 

So I am staying on the older version for now until the next version comes out and then hopefully it might be fixed


Thanks for the ideas


It must be something project- or machine-specific.

I may suggest this:

  • Backup and delete project settings for that project (.idea subfolder) while IDE is closed
  • Launch IDE and create new project from existing files (point to the project root folder)
  • Reconfigure as needed (do minimal config -- it's just to see if it will make any difference)
  • You can always revert back to previous backup

If still the same -- you would need to provide more info about the project setup/technologies used/plugins active/OS/etc (may use "Submit a request" link at the top of this page to submit Support ticket .. if there is some info that you cannot state publicly).


P.S. If you prefer keyboard -- try "Edit | Expand Selection"


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