Moving projects (export/import/backup) to a new Mac or Windows

1. I have recently purchased a new Mac and would like to move my projects to it. It seems that project directory is really huge. What is the best example of moving existing projects to new Mac? Are there any Export / Import functions? I have both react-native and react projects.

2. And also what is the best thing todo before moving? Do I need to make anything before importing?

3. I also would like to ask the best way to backup codes. I mean are there any handy way to backup existing projects?



the best way to backup projects is putting them to version control (git, etc.). This is also the best way to move them between machines - just check out the project to your new computer.

as for building, importing/exporting, nothing of this kind is required - project are simply folders you can copy/move anywhere


İ have already copied the folder but it doesn’t work. New installation has rn new version. Alao whole directory is huge. İncluding ios android and node modulea directory


delete the node_modules folder and re-install modules with `npm install`


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