Main menu only present in the original windows


After figuring out how to use DS in two windows (RMB->"Move Tab to New Window") I stumbled upon another problem: Main Menu bar is present only in the original window. This is an issue because several options (notably: restart kernel) are only accessible from the main menu bar (except maybe using keyboard shortcuts but even if I managed to bind every single thing I use, I'll never memorize all the key combos). Importantly, if I click some menu option in the main window, the functionality will be invoked for the highlighted tab in that window.

All that means that functionality for notebooks in the second (n-th) window is severely impaired.

What I tried: binding a key combo to Window->Appearance->Main Menu and activating when focus is in the second window; all this does is hides/shows main menu in the main window, it will never appear in other windows.

Is there a way to enable this, or is that a bug?


Moreover when closing the original window the menu will disappear. It is only available in the window first opened. I would consider this a bug.


Hello, Przemyslaw Dolata, Karl-sebastian Liebich.

I apologize for the very late reply. Could you please check if the problem is still actual in the latest DataSpell version 2023.3.5?


I was unable to try the 2023.3.5 as the download page immediately fed me the newest 2024.1 version.

Behavior remains exactly the same: moving a tab to a new window, either via the context menu or Shift+F4 hotkey, results in a new window that has no main menu bar. Ctrl+` only toggles the original window bar (no effect on the new window).


It's a known limitation of the detached Editor tab: it represents only the code editor with basic functionality and is not a fully-functional IDE window. 

There's a request in our tracker IDEA-113477 that you might want to upvote. 


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