customize idea plugin develop how to rely on the third-party plugin?eg: sonarlint ,use it api


@Jakub Chrzanowski hello,i am developing idea plugin  needs to rely on the third-party plugin sonarlint, how to dependency it inplugin.xml or build.gradle??? is placed on my server. I want to achieve the following functions:

1. Installing my plug-in will automatically install sonarlint;

2. Configure sonarlint default setting by wrtting code in my customize plugin . eg: soanrqube token and other parameters, is this possible?

there is no answer in


See on how to add dependency on other plugins.

Regarding sonarlint specific questions, please address these to the vendor directly.


Enter a connection name, then select sonarqube and enter SonarQube server URL and then click next. Now choose Token or Login / Password and enter the value then click Next and the Finish.  Prepaid Gift Balance


Yann Cebron i  have already read this .But it explain  how to depend on third plugin which in my customize repository!!!!


@Ramonfergusonw55005 i want to use api to finsh these steps which you explained


You can mark sonarlint plugin as required dependency in your plugin. This will guarantee it will be installed.


Yann Cebron I understand what you mean, but I don’t know how to write and introduce sonarlint. Because my development environment cannot access the Internet, I build a custom plugin library and upload the sonarlint plugin, but what should I do in build.gradle and plugin.xml Can the configuration make my plug-in reference such as sonarlint?

build.gradle:it can not import 

intellij {
version '2020.2.1'
plugins = ['java','org.sonarlint.idea']

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